Adventure Time + decorating Easter eggs = Eggventure Time!

Oh my glob!

The creative folks at created ten adorable Adventure Time egg costumes that anyone can download and print to create their very own Ovo-Candy Kingdom. We love that Finn’s costume includes a tiny Jake hanging out in his breast pocket.

Click here for the free download.

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Reading is important.
Books are important.
Librarians are important. (Also, libraries are not child-care facilities, but sometimes feral children raise themselves among the stacks.)

Neil Gaiman (via duttonbooks)

I worked in a public library for a year and a half, and the feral children part is definitely true. I was also one of those kids when my mom worked in a library when i was a child.

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Growing up, my mother worked across the street from our public library. Everyday my brother and I would go there to do our homework, read, watch filmstrips, and hang out with other kids.

I remember roaming the stacks, reading my first Stephen Kings books, learning to play chess, and D&D. Getting recommendations from my librarian opened my eyes and exposed me to thoughts and ideas that might have a hard time reaching the small town we lived in.

We climbed the stonework on the outside of the building and ruled a playground that might not be safe at today’s standards. I still have the scars to prove it. I learned how to get "free" cokes out of the machine. And, I think that’s where my interest in office supplies came from. I remember getting “Black Warrior” pencils from there when I needed one for homework.

In college, I would get distracted going to the library to study. Roaming the stacks at an older age, discovering ideas and authors.

I should mention that the place where my mother worked was a dog grooming salon/used bookstore. I know, an unusual combo, but it was always busy. This was pre-internet. So, it was really like I had two libraries growing up.

Libraries and Librarians are some of our most undervalued resources.

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"New visual dress for the second album «Into the Light» for the St.Gallen based music duo Kaltehand/Natasha Waters. For all their holy support we thank Tobi Siebrecht, Bänziger Hug, Boris Stoll, Matthias Kappeler and Sénic.

Bureau Collective is a design studio founded in 2009 by Ollie Schaich and Ruedi Zürcher in St.Gallen, Switzerland. They like to work in the different fields of graphic design and enjoy working with people that are as passionate about what they do as they are.

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Youku (Japan based) 100 Sea Animation Diorama

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Gonzalo Palaveccino-

looks like that bubble blowing contest got out of hand

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Tibetan carved skull-



Tibetan carved skull-


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